29k App Update: Version 1.9.5

Great news! So much has happened since the last update when we first published the app on both App Store and Google Play! We were thrilled to finally be able to get the app into your hands for you to try and the feedback we have received has been invaluable as we move forward in co-creating an amazing product.

Changes in 1.9.5

Changes since our last update (version 1.9.2) include:

  • Gratitude Lesson: The new “Gratitude” lesson has been added to the “Self Compassion” course! Feel free to try it out, even if you have already finished the course!

  • Chat Privacy: A number of users have raised concerns over the possibility for anyone to join a group and read the chat history in its entirety. One of our primary concerns is to create an environment where users feel safe enough to share their story and given the deeply personal and highly sensitive nature of these messages, we felt that it is important that the user has a say in who can read those messages. Therefore, users joining a new group can no longer view chat messages sent before they joined.

  • Member Introductions: Member introductions for a group are now accessible by tapping on a) the user’s profile picture in the chat or b) the “Group members” button in the group settings. These introductions are still also posted as chat messages so that you are notified when a new user joins the group.

  • Repeat or Skip Lesson: If you want to join a group for a lesson you have previously completed, you no longer need to go through the entire lesson (unless you want to). Instead, you can skip right to the “Join group” screen for that lesson.


As always, we greatly appreciate your feedback. Please let us know if you think there is something that can be improved. Refer to this post for instructions on how to submit feedback.

In the meantime, enjoy the app!

Best wishes,
Developer @ 29k