29k Beta Update: Version 1.2.0 (what's new)

Hey Folks,

We’ve now updated the 29k app. This is a BIG update! As always, we really appreciate your feedback, so please leave your questions, praise, complaints, feedback, ideas and thoughts here. There is no such thing as bad feedback!

How to get the updated version:

  • Android users will get the update automatically.
  • iPhone users will need to open the “TestFlight” app and press the “Update” button

What’s new in Version 1.2.0 (Hint: A lot!)

  • Locked Lessons / Sequential Order :1234:
    The Self Compassion course has been designed to be done in sequential order, but we weren’t presenting it this way. Now, you’ll unlock the next lesson as you go through each lesson with your group. We recognise that there might be some unforeseen issues with this, so please let us know if this causes any problems for you!

  • Basic App Onboarding
    If you log out and tap “Get Started” (or you’re a new user), you’ll see an introduction to 29k. We hope that this helps new users understand what 29k is about, what they can expect and put any fears to rest. We’d LOVE your feedback on this.

  • Change Your Group Sharing Time :clock3:
    Not happy with your recurring sharing day/time? Now anyone in a group can change it. Just tap on the settings icon :gear: in your group and then tap “Edit Sharing Time”. You might want to chat with your group first, but even if you don’t, our trusty bot will let them know you’ve changed the time! :slight_smile:

  • Profile Pictures! :tipping_hand_woman:
    You can now upload a profile picture, both in the ‘Profile’ tab and during the sign-up process if you opted not to sign-up via Facebook / Google. You can take a selfie, or access your photo library to upload a photo.

  • Forgot Password Feature :key:
    Forgot your password when logging in to the app? Simply tap on “Forgot Password” and we’ll help you reset your password!

  • 29k Chat Bot - now 40% more helpful! :robot:
    The 29k bot will tell you when your group is ready for sharing (3+ people) and help you feel safe when your group has only just begun. Also, if you don’t have enough people to start a sharing, our bot will automatically push your sharing back a week to give you more time for people to join your sharing. How nice!

  • Lesson 1: Inner Critic - Weekly Challenge / Chatbot Messages
    After your first sharing, our 29k bot will give you tips and exercises to help you integrate the work you’re doing in your every day life. We aim to roll out the rest of the lessons over the coming weeks.

  • View your group members
    In your sharing group, you can now press the settings icon :gear: to see your group members.

  • Chat Design :nail_care:
    We’ve introduced some design tweaks to make the chat really look great, for example, your message will look different from your fellow group participants.

  • Timezone Confusion? Hopefully no more…
    We heard your feedback about timezones and now we’re super clear that all times that you see are displayed for your local time zone. We hope this helps you and any new users! We also display times in 24 hour or 12 hour time depending on your location.

  • Lots of little changes, fixes and work under the hood
    We’ve continued making invisible changes to the app to prepare us to move away from Zoom and build our own replacement, along with preparing us for an eventual soft launch on the app store. We fixed an issue with Android where users with small devices couldn’t tap on a course.

Coming Soon:

  • Chatbot: Weekly Challenges (for all lessons)
    Coming soon, you’ll receive weekly exercises and tips based on all of the lessons that you’ve just done to help you integrate your learnings in your group.

  • Video Sharing :video_camera:
    We’re currently working on removing the need to download/use Zoom by building our own video capabilities in the app. This is a pretty big & ambitious project but we believe it’s completely necessary to be able to launch on the app store.

  • Sharing Guidelines / Process :printer:
    Once we have our own video capability, we can do away with the need to print our sharing guidelines. Doing the work on yourself AND reading our process for sharing can take a lot of cognitive heavy lifting. We hope that we can make holding space for each other simple and easy, so you can focus on doing the work.