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When deciding on the look and feel for our app, we have decided to go against the stream and opt for a more dark theme opposite to other apps that operate in a similar space that we do.

We want to set the right mood and underline the seriousness of our goals of achieving transformational growth. The basic idea is that life grows even where the ground isn’t fertile, and rises above the ashes.

Our accent colour is an earth tone green but is moderately exaggerated to create a good contrast against our dark background.

(These are work in progress sketches and might change)


I think I speak for everyone at the 29k team here in Stockholm when I say that we are so so excited to move ahead with this design. Perhaps @thorarinn you could also share a couple of the images that gave you inspiration for the design, as I really enjoyed that aspect of the presentation :slight_smile:

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Being from Iceland (and not lived there for 10 years) we took a lot of inspiration from the harsh nature and its incredible ways growing life in the middle of nowhere (Your welcome Icelandic Tourist Bureau :smile: ).




However the concept is not only Icelandic nature but also anyplace where life thrives against all odds, such as green leave growing out of a burned bark or cactus in the middle of the desert.


Thank you for sharing! :blush: I have some dificulty to read white text on black bakground on the phone. I remember that many years ago a comunication expert explained to me the need of making the fonts a little bigger than usual. But then it was printed material. Are there any recent scientific studies made now on how to optimize digital design in general, and for differents groups of people ( for ex daltonic, young, old, different cultures) Anything on how mindstates (co)responds to colors? :blush: