29k is now LIVE! (Version 1.9.2)

We are so proud to announce that 29k is now LIVE on the App Store and Google Play.

If you’ve been involved with testing our app at some stage, you might want to know what is new about this version that we’ve now chosen to release.

Version 1.9.2:
Our first release to the public! Here’s what’s new.

  • Video Sharing: No Zoom app needed anymore
    Zoom was instrumental in helping us discover if we could create depth and connection through online video sharing. To be a real app that can stand on its on two legs, we’ve invested in building our own video solution. Now video sharing Just Works™ in the app.

  • Sharing Guidelines: In the Video Call
    When doing a group video sharing, previously we asked you to print off a PDF, or display it on another device, in order for you to facilitate the group sharing. This was very clunky. Not everyone has a printer or a second device readily available, so we’ve overlayed our sharing process & guidelines on top of the video sharing experience so you can stay present with your group.

  • Onboarding
    Now that we’re live on the App Store, we don’t have the luxury of being able to explain what 29k is to people using our app. So we’ve introduced some onboarding screens to help explain what 29k is and whether or not it is suitable for you.

  • Privacy / Delete your account
    Privacy is so important when it comes to sharing vulnerability and creating a safe space to grow. We believe that doing the bare minimum (a long legal document we make you agree to) is not good enough. So we’ve tried to frame how we think and act on privacy in a simple way. We’ve also enabled you to delete your account at any time, which will not only delete your account, but all of the messages and data associated with it.

  • Help Tab
    Now that we’re live, we also recognise that we’re no longer in direct communication with those that are using our app. So we’ve tried to condense our most asked / critical questions into a Help tab and also try to cover situations where something might go wrong and ways for you to contact us.

Known Issues
It’s worth mentioning that although we’ve launched on the App Store, we’re still actively working to improve the experience and learn from folks that are using the app. We hope to do a bigger marketing splash later in the year when we’re confident that the app is ready to go big! But don’t let that stop you, we believe that the app is definitely good enough for you to get the full value from the Self Compassion course, featuring Yoga Girl :slight_smile:

  • When leaving a group call on Android, the app may crash.
  • There are some situations where it’s possible to switch the app into landscape mode, besides videos. This can mess up the layout and might require you to restart the app.
  • You might experience some instability with thumbnails in the video sharing not showing briefly

As always, we REALLY would love to hear how the app has been for you, the good, the bad and the ugly! Even if everything went smooth and great, we’d love to hear that too. Or perhaps you had different expectations and when you went in to try it, you shut it down. All feedback is immensely valuable.

With excitement and love,
CPO @ 29k