Flexibility of sharing process

Hi. My group have been meeting four weeks consecutively (yay us!) but last week we were not able to meet for “Self Care Tool” sharing. We would like to meet this week to discuss this topic. Is it in our best interest to not do the final exercise (Closing) or will we still be prompted? If one person does an exercise but the rest don’t is there a flexibility to pick and choose which exercise you want to share about? The prompts/notifications are so specific to the current weekly exercise that it seems we can’t alter the schedule. We would appreciate some guidance with this!


Hey @Kelsey,

Congrats on being so consistent and getting so far through the course! :slight_smile: And thank you for your question.

You’ve raised a really interesting problem for us (29k) to solve. Ideally, the app should either:

  • Allow you to go backwards in the lesson schedule, or
  • Know that you weren’t able to show up for the sharing (automatically) and not progress your group through to the next lesson

I’m leaning towards the second option, what do you think?

In the mean time, would you like us to move your group back to Self Care Tool?

Hi Brendan,
Thanks for acknowledging how we have been showing up via 29k! Two of the four members of our sharing group did show up but we decided not to hold a proper session and just spent the time getting to know one another. So, it may look like we had a session but in actuality we decided to push the last exercise (Closing) forward another week. We told one another not to complete the Closing exercise in hopes that we would not be prompted to do it. This was NOT the case.

But, because no more than three people did the exercise then we tricked the app when we decided to have a proper session for Self Care Tool.

You do not need to move our group back. However, if you can make sure that each of the members in “Inner Friend” is on the last exercise (Closing) then that would be great!

Looking forward to more flexibility!

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