Help us describe the 29k app in 3 short sentences :)


As you may have discovered by now, 29k can be a bit tricky to explain. When we release the product, we want our new users to ‘just get it’ as soon as they open the app. To do this, we intend to describe the app in 3 simple screens before reaching the course screen. Who better to describe what 29k is than you, our wonderful early users of our app. :slight_smile:

So without over thinking it, please help us describe 29k in 3 short sentences. If it helps, you could write it on 3 post it notes like I have, or you could even just write 3 bullet points.

Here’s my attempt!

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image image

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  • Turn healthy mental exercises into a habit with support from our community
  • Built upon proven methods previously unavailable in a digital format until now
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