How to report bugs


When using the 29k Beta app, you will likely stumble across bugs from time to time. We’d love to know about it, so that we can improve the experience for you and everyone else! :slight_smile:

Before you report the bug, first:

  • Try restarting the app
  • iPhone: Try updating the app (go to the “Test Flight” app on iPhone to do this)

If there is still an issue:

When reporting a bug, please report it in this category: Product --> Bugs.

Then in your post, to help us troubleshoot, please provide the following information:

  • A short description of the bug

  • Make / Model of your phone (e.g. iPhone 8, Samsung Galaxy 7)

  • Internal version number: In the 29k app, go to “Profile” in the bottom tabs, at the bottom you’ll see “Version:”

  • External version number:

    • iPhone: Open the “Test Flight” app, then look for “Version” below “29k”
    • Android: Hold your finger down on the app and you should see “App Info”, tap that and scroll to the bottom, you should see “Version:”
  • What you did to see the bug: We’d love to know the steps you took for this to happen

  • A screenshot if possible / relevant

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