Introduce yourself! :) - yes YOU, you who happen to read this <3


If you’ve just joined the community, we’d love it if you could introduce yourself!

Tell us a little bit about yourself and what brought you here :slight_smile:


:wave: I’m the chief technology officer (or the head of computers guy) of 29k. My focus is building a team that develop the 29k app and platform. By “development” I mean programming - as in hammering on the keyboard to get stuff showing up on different devices and screens.

My biggest interests are :family_man_woman_girl_boy:parenting, :earth_africa: internet and :tv: youtube. But I’m also happy to chat about javascript, electronics, the joy of digging holes in the ground and personal development. See you around :hugging_face:


I’m one of the minions here and like to solve technical problems by writing code. Lots of code!

Other days I’m into hardcore punk, snowboard and climbing. I love food and seeing people be happy. Peace! <3


:wave: Hi everyone!! :wave:

My name Erik and I’m one of the crazies who started 29k a little more than two years ago.
I do loads of different things, mostly it’s about helping our amazing team build this experience and getting more partners onboard. My speciality lies in (trying) to create the best psychological experiences we can with our research and psychologist partners.

I’m sooo happy to see this forum come up and see our community grow and become a place where we can pioneer how technology will help people re-connect with themselves, others and maybe even the planet :slight_smile:

When I’m not putting my time into 29k I’m hanging out in the forrest with my lady Moa and our big dog Mali. I like to read as well, mostly psychology, philosophy and societal-/system-change - since I’m quite worried that the way we’re acting/working as humans on the planet isn’t really working.



Hey Folks! :wave:

I’m Brendan and I’m the Chief Product Officer at 29k. My focus is to set product direction and scope for the 29k app :iphone: by making sense of the insane amount of complexity involved in building a personal growth app and listening to our users. I’m a big fan of ‘product discovery’ (cheaply testing product ideas) and iterative, incremental approaches to building products. (Agile / Lean)

I’m originally from Western Australia :australia: (you can ask me for travel tips!) and my biggest interests are PC Gaming :space_invader: (Dota 2 mostly), Personal Growth :seedling: (obviously!), Memes :unicorn:, Scuba Diving :tropical_fish: and Travelling :airplane:.


Hey all :wave:!
My name is Ian and i’m software engineer here to helping build something wonderful with all the awesome people in the 29k community.

My skills include but not limited to, bad introductions, making quite good ramen. playing and hacking games :video_game:.

I have strong affinity for traveling and seeing the world through my own eyes or through nature documentaries :small_airplane:.


Halló Halló,

My name is Þórarinn and I come from the land of the ice and snow!
I am the one who has focus on the Design and User Experience! I am hopeful that you the community will help me make the rights decisions by posting your ideas on how to make this experience better :smiley:

My number one muse is a carefully select playlist of Music (depending on my mood, see hint of my music taste above :wink: ) along with a good cup of coffee or tea.

Apart from working with my awesome team I like spending time with family, playing basketball and getting a good laugh with friends.

Looking forward to connect!

:basketball: :coffee: :tea: :musical_note: :iceland:


Hello :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:

I’m Elise, but most people call me Lisen and I’m our dep CEO here at 29k. This generally means supporting our awesome team in any way I can as well as a lot of … well, meetings :tipping_hand_woman:

I dream of a world where feeling whole, happy and on purpose shouldn’t be a privilege. If I’m not involved with something 29k-ish you probably see me with a book, a yoga mat, or with my equally energised bae who runs super fast in short pink shorts.

Oh - and I am SO super excited that YOU are here!



Hi everyone :star_struck:

I’m Johanna but you can call me Schwang or Schwangis! I’m working part-time as a Trainee at 29k, my main tasks are accounting but it could be just about anything that needs to be done. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

My experience of self development is from working as a groupleader for activitygroups together with children living in dysfunctional families. Making a difference and seeing people grow makes me happy :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I love the city Madrid so feel free to chat about tips and tricks, on where to eat or where not to eat! At the moment I’m currently living in Uppsala after three years of studying ecenomics and one year of working fulltime at a studentnation.:hugs:

I hope to see you around, and will be happy to chat with you!

Love :call_me_hand:

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Hi Love Bugs,

Great to connect and THANK YOU for inviting me to join you here! :purple_heart:

My name is Katrina and I am the Programs Manager for the awesome Yoga Girl Team. The role keeps me super busy and I love the variety of opportunities I have for creative care and close connection with participants who are looking to truly meet themselves on a deeper level. My time is mainly spent in the Aruban sunshine where our studio is but I also hop back over to Sweden a few times a year and dig my snow boots out to play in snow at our HQ in Stockholm too! Best of both worlds :raised_hands:t2:

I love sneezing, eco friendly glitter and coconutty-anything. I give a damn good hug and I cook a mean red Thai curry. I wear my heart on my sleeve and am happiest when barefoot on a beach with loved ones, gin and a sunset. :beach_umbrella:

Can’t wait to get to know YOU better too.:sparkles:

See you out there x


I am shifting from a career in business development to universal development. I aim to support Humanity’s (including my own) evolution and create an increasingly loving and caring energy field on our planet. My passion is to help the awakening humans to discover and ignite their Life Purpose, and to find like-minded co-creators with shared purpose and complementary skills/resources. Together, we can shift this planet from devolution to evolution, to make our beautiful Earth the truly joyful, loving and sustainable planet that it is meant to be. I look forward to working with the 29k network in this mission.



I’m not to sure if you want us norms to tell you who we are… or just the crew, but I’m gana break you off a chunk just for the fun😋

I am Meilani motherfucking mei. I live a beautiful life on the big Island of Hawaii. This place has so much to offer for the new up-and-coming, yet I find myself in the same circumstances year after year. A lot of the people in my life are very motivating and probably see my potential a lot clearer then I see for myself. I come from a huge family of 11 kids. We got mad love for each other when it is needed, but honestly have alot of hurt from the life we grow up in that we are always an arm lengths away. We are all very amazing people that know how to hide her pain well but I’m done! I don’t want to hide anymore. I want to heal.

I will learn how to love my flaws. I will not let other people’s flaws hurt me so much. I will follow my dreams and hear my heart when it sings. I will enjoy the little things in life and I will for sure make a difference in this world. (When I wrote this in my journal. All the “will”s where “want to”s. That just didn’t sound right! First time I wrote in my journal in 5 months & 21 days. Im ready. Manifestation? Epiphanies? Hit me with your best fcken shot!)

I have been fighting this feeling in me that has slowly but surely made me bitter. For years now I have been ruining relationships and jobs because I just pop (in a very angry way too) I cry all the time over podcast, puppy videos, & even when I’m laying in the grass looking at the clouds as the rain masks my tears. I don’t know what the heck is going on inside of me but I feel like I’m ready to understand.

Recently I’ve seen the darkside affecting my little sisters and I can’t take the self sabotage anymore. I need to help heal this hurt that I don’t quite understand, not just for me but for the generations to come. There is nobody in my life that is spiritually awakened that I can look in the eyes and have a real conversation with and it’s made me feel very stuck and alone. So I started the search for something outside my comfort zone. And what do you know… yoga girl led me straight to 29K! The moment I seen your website I knew I wasn’t alone. I knew that this is a real problem and there is a healthy process to it all. I knew that the hope that I felt in my heart with what you guys have already done is going to make a difference on the people that are ready. so hurry up 29Kteam! Lol so we can start this journey on love and passion.

(Oh yeah! Thank you very much for even considering to help the world in this kinda way. Kudos to you guys & gals💛)

Mahalos to the meanest!:call_me_hand:t4:

Meilani May :heart::yellow_heart::green_heart:


Thank you Ole, I love your intro and welcome to 29k. We need you! :blush:

We sure do. In fact, we deleted the “staff introduce themselves” thread and started this one instead because we don’t want to separate ourselves from you, we’re all in it together :heart:

Thank you for sharing your story Meilani, I’m so glad you’re here and I can’t wait to share our product with you, very soon!


Hi Ole! Thank’s for an inspiring meeting, so glad to see you here on the forum. Will be very exciting to hear your thoughts once the app is here to test and explore. Getting it up is the goal for the next coming two weeks so we’re working away at getting just the bare minimum of functionality so everyone in the network can start testing and co-creating the experience.



Hey Meilani!!

So glad to read your message, thank’s for writing and sharing. It’s crazy to know that the team now has someone cheering us onward from Hawaii!! Feels like a dream come true since we’ve been working away under the radar for so long. But now the sunshine is right around the corner. We’re aiming at being able to post the app here on the forum in just two weeks so make sure to check back in and try it out with us. Would be amazing the create this space for healing and inner work together in the months to come =)




:raising_hand_woman:t2:‍♀ I’m a front-end developer at 29k with a passion for User Experience.

:flushed: I’m the shy one in this wonderful team. Listening and giving hugs are my cup of tea.

I like travelling :airplane:, photography :camera: and learning new things :computer::nerd_face:.

Some other interests of mine are the topics of adoption, premature babies and their physical and mental development. I am myself adopted from Taiwan and am a micro preemie (born in week 25).

I LOVE Bubble tea and my top 2 happy eye bleach images are corgis and red pandas! :heart_eyes:


Hello from Turkey, Istanbul. I’m a fan of yoga girl community , following the fascinating work of theirs from day 1 and admire . So I wanted to be a part of 29k as I see the same perspective.
I’m a professional coach as a practitioner, also an academic on coaching giving lectures at universities, and still writing my PhD thesis on coaching. I also have a company which I develop projects and give lectures in corporate trainings and open courses for everyone.
Besides all I’m an ultimate student, having another graduate degree on applied psychology at another university, still attending many certificate programs, try to understand human from different analytical and spiritual perspectives.
I also love to be a part of international communities ( especially in my profession) and cooperate for multinational projects.
Lovely energy here ! Thank you for the opportunity!


Welcome @Eda! So nice of you to join us :heart:

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Hi @Eda welcome to the 29k community =) I’d love to hear your feedback on the psychological design of the experience once you’ve tried it. The system is built on a lot of of different research findings and theories on motivation (SDT), transformational learning and happiness research but also more specifically the interventions in this first program is on self-compassion research (but also Pennebaker et al).

Looking forward to hearing from you in the coming weeks when you’ve seen the program =)