Introduce yourself! :) - yes YOU, you who happen to read this <3


:blush: :sparkling_heart: Hi Jakob, thanks a lot for being here! Big hug! :sparkling_heart: :blush:

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Hey all, I just stumbled upon this project / community while researching for my BA thesis - and I feel like this was meant to be. :crystal_ball: So let me burst out with my introduction right away, before this excitement can wear off:

My name is Pia, I’m 25 years old, German, and lived in Hong Kong for the past two years. I’m about to graduate from a joint degree in Digital Media, Creative Media and E-Business. Essentially, I have a background in tech, arts and marketing. :nerd_face: Practically, I make use of this in my work for “Kanduyi Children e.V.”. We are a small non-profit organisation that helps children in Kenya gain access to secondary education. So far, we mostly provide financial support. But we’re currently looking into more sustainable ways of supporting our students’ long-term personal growth (during and beyond secondary school). In my “private life”, topics like mindfulness, mental health, meditation and yoga are playing important roles. I guess “personal development” is my hobby.

More and more I realize, how the three main areas of my life (studies, work, hobbies) correlate and merge. The concept of 29k appears to have value for all three of them - or for the big picture that they create. How great would it be if I could say the same about my BA thesis? If you have any further inspirations, tips, resources for me to dig deeper into this (from both a research & philanthropic perspective) … just let me know! :pray:

Independently: Thanks for having me; looking forward to hear more from the community and the 29k project! :blush:


Hi Pia! We’re so glad to have you with us here. I share the reflection on the BA thesis or similar not necessarily building the skills needed to live a full life or even navigate society.

If you’re interested in some reading and watching into the perspective we appreciate then make sure to check out the article section under Community here in the forum. Me, Tomas (one of the founders) and Stefan Ekwall recently created a list of some of the most important influences we’ve discovered. You can find it here:

Hope this can inspire some further exploration!



Hi Maria-Paz!! Welcome into the warmth of this space! Looking forward to your contributions. Hugs :hugs: and peace right back at you!



My name is Raziye. Industrial Engineering major and working as a consultant… struggling to develop my career.

Well, I run into 29K webpage by chance and right now I registered here to connect with great people like you… A lot of great things can be done in life within these roughly 29 000 days. Hope we all will do our best!


@Raziye Thank you for joining our merry band! Can’t wait to show you what we’ve been up to.


Hello everybody!
I’m Gillian and I’m from British Columbia, Canada. I’m a bit of a nomad these days, as my partner and I have a Ford truck with a camper on the back and we have been travelling throughout the US and Mexico for the past few months since just after the end of YTT. Now that I have returned to Canada, I am still a nomad, travelling throughout BC as a registered nurse with our two dogs, Mac and Newman. For this reason, not having consistent internet on the road and wanting to be in the moment of the experience, I haven’t been onto the app or posted in here yet, so sorry about that!

I am really in need of this app right now though, as I feel for the first time in my 32 years, at a bit of a loss in my sense of self and my direction in life. YTT helped to start to open my mind and heart but I’m still working on figuring out what is right for me and my journey.

Thank you all for being here and sharing! Xo


Hi Patricia!

Hope you can find some good enough internet connection and join a session, I really hope the processes could be part of what you need! Would love to hear you thoughts :slight_smile:


Hey! My name is Tomek and I am the latest addition to the already awesome 29k team! :raised_hands:t2: My role entails writing code that would make our :iphone:app a beautiful and smooth experience.

I am into meditation :person_in_lotus_position:t2:‍, consciousness hacking :exploding_head: and ice cold showers :bathtub::snowflake: – basically any way to overcome our own limitations, fears and false beliefs. Apart from that, I love big and chunky pixels :space_invader: and retro computers :keyboard::joystick:. Other times (mostly evenings and weekends) I pick my guitar :guitar: (or bass), or learn how to play piano :musical_keyboard: with my daughter.

I was born in Poland :poland: but have already spend many years in Scotland :black_flag:󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 before coming to Sweden 7 years ago.

Nice to meet you all :pray:t2:


Welcome Tomek! We’re so glad that you’ve joined the team! :heart:


Welcome to the team Tomek!!! We’re so amazingly grateful to have you join!


Hello everyone!

I’m David and have been working on 29k for a little more than 2 years now. My main focus is to create video content for the app, both for our courses but also some that’s more there for inspirational purposes. The reason why I do what I do is that whenever I’ve had an experience of a certain emotion or insight that I find profound or interesting - I can’t wait to guide someone else to the same place. And if I manage to do that by composing audio, visuals and storytelling I both feel that I’ve shared a beautiful experience, but also that I’m not alone in it anymore.

I love reading and listening to stuff about non-duality and playing football. I like creating music and go fishing. I’m neutral to cats. I don’t like logically incorrect metaphors. I hate spiders and warm bananas in food.

What I’m most interested in with what we’re doing is learning about the power of sharing. Looking forward to doing that with you in the app later!



Love it David! <3<3<3


Hi all,

I was recently brought on by 29k as a software developer to work on our app. You might be surprised to hear, however, that I’m educated as a molecular biologist. In fact, my original plan was to stay in academia and continue as a researcher. But, as I progressed through my degree, it became evident that my capacity to make meaningful contributions here was limited. So, I decided to leave. Having to come to terms with the reality that my last five years studying to become a molecular biologist may all have been for nothing was an incredibly difficult thing to do. But I asked myself, ‘what can I do that the world really needs?’. Certainly not another mediocre researcher.

Having tinkered a lot with software development on the side, this was, realistically speaking, my only option. But I promised myself then, as I did five years ago, that whatever I’d end up doing, I would only do it if it was meaningful to me and I could clearly state why it was meaningful. I so desperately wanted to do good things, but didn’t know how, or even what those ‘good things’ were. 29k helped me put that inchoate feeling into actual, concrete words that resonated with me. They provided a platform for me to do meaningful work. So, having found a ‘why’, I decided to join them. At first, I was somewhat perplexed that they chose me, having zero professional experience in software development, over other, probably more technically capable, candidates. It soon became clear, though, that everyone at 29k are driven by principle. They espouse the same values as I do, and they value the person over the skill. And like me, they believe that the world can, and must, do better with regards to what we value as a society. But a better world starts with you – the individual. An individual is not just a useless and isolated needle in a haystack, but a node in a vast network; your actions matter. That’s why personal growth is important. That’s my ‘why’.

It might be difficult to tell but I’m currently brimming with excitement! Many think of 29k as an app, and even internally we often speak of it as such. But 29k is so much more than an app and there’s a lot of exciting things happening behind the scenes, so stay tuned!

Talk to you soon,



I’m so excited about your newly started journey! And the best part is that we (29k) are a part of it! Welcome Nam! :hugs:


Boom! Such an amazing quote Nam! We are honoured to have you join us and co-create something that hopefully can enable a lot of peoples lives to improve :slight_smile: Welcome to our bunch of crazies :wink:


Hi. Just WOW! What an amazing thing you all are creating! I’m in awe and have been since Rachel gave a hint about this in her podcast… I think late last summer. I’ve been a participant of a lot of womens circles in Stockholm where I live. And had the honour of trying your app in the beginning of this year thanks to Pamela <3

It was such a beautiful experience to be able to connect in this way! I’m a nerd when it comes to holistic health and personal development, or personal exploration as I like to call it :smiley: It has led me to become a breathing instructor and a BA i psychology, and I will continue learning for the rest of my life <3 We humans are just pure love and magic! And we need spaces that make room for us to see that love and magic inside of us. Spaces where we get to meet ourselves together with others. It’s so freaking awesome that you are creating this space! YAY!

I want to send out the biggest hug to all of you! Amazing to be able to follow you along! Thanks for the invite! With love and joy, Lisa


Hi ya’ll!
Friday seminar @ moderna museet in stockholm made me aware of the 29K ideas and philosophy! It’s intelligent, awesome and inspiring. And it fit my view of #themeaningoflife so I couldn’t resist! We are all here for a reason. Realizing I might have only 10750 days to go I absolutely want to make the most of them. So I’ll let myself be 29K’d and make the most of what comes out.
Congrats to a great place to be - and keep shining! :star_struck:

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Welcome the our little community Mirjam! :slight_smile: Looking forward to getting to know you! We’ll be updating and giving access to the experience here on the forum in the near future so make sure to check in soon again :wink: Would love to hear what you think of it and making it better together =)


Hi Lisa!!! So glad to see you here :slight_smile: A BIG thank you for the support so far in testing the experience and helping to make it better with the all the feedback. It’s enabled us learn so much and made it possible take it to the next level :slight_smile: