Post-Self Compassion course

My group and I are almost finished with the Self-Compassion course, will the next course become unlocked when we are finished with this one? And, will it be free? Furthermore, are we advised to create new sharing groups if we start a new course or can we stay with the same people if they want to continue on the 29k journey?

Will other courses also feature a figure or example, such in the way Rachel has been the leading figure in the Self Compassion course?

Hey Kelsey,

The short answer is that we haven’t come that far yet as we’ve been focused on making sure that the self compassion course is as good as it can be. If we get that right, figuring out what happens after it should be hopefully pretty straight forward.

Instead of answering what our plans are (for what happens after that course), I’d love to know what you would expect and/or prefer from your perspective, in relation to these questions? That helps us understand if our plans are aligned with how you think about it, which is super helpful. If you’re not comfortable with sharing that, no problem and I can share what our plans are. I’d just love to see what you’d like / expect first so that I don’t bias you.


I have asked my sharing group and we will come back to you with our thoughts and expectations after we meet next week.

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I would also note that my group is interested in continuing to meet. If we are not prompted to use the app in someway for a future course or a weekly/bi-weekly/monthly check-in then naturally we will either A. Use another messenging app to chat B. Stop meeting altogether.

What’s the structure moving forward? We meet next Thursday at 21:00 Swedish time for the last time.

Hey Kelsey,

I really hope you can continue to chat / meet! We really believe that one of the core values of the app is connection in your group and the support structure that it can provide :slight_smile:

In the future, we aim to address continuity of groups. Some ideas I / we have:

  • We come up with a lot more weekly activities that you can do & share with each other through our chat bot, that is relevant to self compassion, so that the process can continue.

  • I’ve read from feedback that there has been some issues with the video quality. We’re working on that now to hopefully soon ask you if you want to come back to us from your chat app!

  • We could also investigate what some generic personal growth exercises & sharings could look like as a way to enable groups to keep ‘doing the work’ and sharing. Would it be more interesting to you to continue with self compassion or perhaps branch out to something a little more broad?

Hi Brendan,
We are planning to keep meeting. Until there are new courses available we will move over to WhatsApp because the video connection is better (especially difficult with one of our members living on a remote island) and because we are able to send audio/image/video. We will continue to check out the 29k app though.

Our group wants to work on “Finding your purpose”. We are thinking of exploring values, strengths and weaknesses. I think we will still want reminders about self-compassion (it’s such a strong foundation) but we are ready to move on to another theme.

Amazing feedback Kelsey!

I’ll pass on your feedback to Fredrik, our new(ish) head of Psychology / Content and perhaps we could test some early versions of our exercises in this area on your group :slight_smile:

Stay tuned for more from us and thank you so so much again for all your feedback and communication. It really helps us build a better product for everyone :heart:

Hi Kelsey!

So glad to heart that your group is finding value in the app. Just wanted to let you know that there is now a new lesson (“Gratitude”) available for the Self Compassion course. As mentioned above, we have a lot of content currently in the works, but hopefully you’ll get something out of this lesson as well!