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Listen to Yuval Noah Harari & Sam Harris speak about the importance of Personal Growth

Hey Folks,

I just finished listening to Yuval Noah Harari (Author of Sapiens) and Sam Harris’ podcast entitled “The Edge of Humanity”, it’s a really interesting discussion about the biggest challenges and opportunities facing humanity in the future.

The most interesting part of the discussion for me was approximately 6 minutes long and covers the topic of personal growth (they call it “finding yourself”) in relation to the goal of effective altruism. The discussion aligns beautifully with what we wish to achieve long term - personal growth enabling humanity to make decisions for the world.

(if for some reason the link doesn’t work, open the podcast and go to 1:32:46)

Have a listen and share your thoughts below :slight_smile:


Dalai Lama: "The world needs an education of the heart"


"But what is clear from the long-term perspective is that the last 200 years brought us to a better position than ever before to solve these problems. Solving problems – big problems – is always a collaborative undertaking. And the group of people that is able to work together today is a much, much stronger group than there ever was on this planet. We have just seen the change over time; the world today is healthier, richer, and better educated.

For our history to be a source of encouragement we have to know our history. The story that we tell ourselves about our history and our time matters. Because our hopes and efforts for building a better future are inextricably linked to our perception of the past it is important to understand and communicate the global development up to now. A positive lookout on the efforts of ourselves and our fellow humans is a vital condition to the fruitfulness of our endeavors. Knowing that we have come a long way in improving living conditions and the notion that our work is worthwhile is to us all what self-respect is to individuals. It is a necessary condition for self-improvement.

Freedom is impossible without faith in free people. And if we are not aware of our history and falsely believe the opposite of what is true we risk losing faith in each other."


Is happiness usefulness…?


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Don’t forget Part 2 :slight_smile:


I love the Ram Dass podcast series, he’s very eloquent but at the same time has a very down to earth and simple approach – totally non-judgemental and with a big heart. Reminds me a lot of Alan Watts.


Alan Watts has in just three months risen from a person that was to me totally unknown (still can’t believe it), to one of my most favourite humans. This talk was the gift that my very spiritual and dear friend gave me, and which introduced me to his world:


YES! Love this too - both Alan Watts and Ram Dass are often listened too in this crew :slight_smile: Here is even a film by our own David on mr Watts: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qHnIJeE3LAI <3

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Here’s a great different perspective to Singers and Roslings perspective on progress; Roland Paulsen who says the liberal and improved world we live in in has some serious problems as well. Especially mental health.

Pretty interesting stuff imo.

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Listened to this one yesterday (thank’s for the tip), really like how he frames it. We’ve actually made a vid from him on his talk on self-compassion @davidlindberg can you post it in videos and tag @avocade? Thx!

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Both Ram Dass and Alan Watts are huge sources of inspirations to us. We made this a couple of months ago based on one of Ram Dass’s lectures on the topic: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ubBK12tLnu4&index=23&list=UUzbCloYbneTo9jVGeUcfxbA

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On positive bypassing and why “think positive” isn’t the answer to happiness or growth…


The book Lost Connections is a recommended read indeed!

Check out Johann Hari’s TED if you havn’t seen it!

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Are we getting better at seeking help for our mental health? It sure seems like it! <3


I’m guessing many of you have seen this already (if not a great watch). But, I’m curious - what do we think of John Flint (CEO, HSBC) refereeing to “mental health survivors”? :thinking:http://www.reuters.tv/l/PXDc/2019/01/22/prince-william-jacinda-ardern-discuss-mental-health-matters


An AMAZING podcast from Daniel Schmachtenberger on what the biggest existential risks are for society and how that related to a shift in identity and society at all levels for us to create a healthy society. Have listen to it three times and I’m still not done with it.

(sometimes a little heavy with game-theoretical jargon but still super worth it. Us not having a language to talk about the mindset and system-shift we all need to go through is part of the problem imo so it’s great that we learn and test what terms could represent these shifts and their components. Terms like oneness, love and respect can only get us so far when we actually need to get down to actionable solutions to complex problems.)

with oneness, love and respect :wink: