The 29k App - sneak peek and next steps


Hey folks,

I want to give you all an update on how the product has been progressing these last few months, as we’ve made a huge amount of progress and we’re excited to tell you all about it! Before we get in to the details, I’d like to highlight the high level picture of the product.

29k is an app for personal growth. Our formula for personal growth and thus our high level product strategy and working hypothesis is as follows:

Proven psychology-based exercises (‘interventions’) + Human connection (group therapy / sharing) over Time (ongoing support through sharing groups & tools)

To reach as many people as we can, we rely on influencers that have a large following. What makes our approach unique, is that we film the influencers taking the course, which we believe helps strengthen the message that these are issues we all go through, even your favourite influencer.

Our first influencer is Rachel Brathen, otherwise known as Yoga Girl on Instagram. Rachel frequently talks about personal growth, particularly topics around self compassion. We’re so lucky to be working with Rachel on our first course. :heart: Stay tuned for more on Rachel and the Yoga Girl community in the coming weeks.

From the beginning of Q4 2018 until now, we’ve been hard at work on the product on 3 fronts:

  1. Product Discovery
    Coming up with ideas, prototyping, user testing and validating our assumptions about what the right product is to build. For example, we organised in-house UX tests, we went out and guerilla tested a prototype at a local yoga centre, we conducted ideation workshops and much more.

  2. Group Sharing Tests
    We pooled together groups of volunteers to test our Self Compassion course content. We’ve done 1 off tests around 1 lesson and we’ve done longer tests where we keep a group together to go through multiple lessons together. For example, we explored the efficacy of the content, how to hold a safe space without a facilitator and tested our assumptions about how to encourage meaningful relationships between members of a group.

  3. App Development
    Finally, as we’ve learnt what the right thing to build is, we’ve been turning this into a functional app. We’re now in a place where we can share progress on this and talk about the next steps.

What we have now, is an app that contains most of the course content, but we still rely on a 3rd party video app to hold the group conversations & video calls. This means that any time someone wants to form a group and go through the course, there is a lot of manual work for us to make this happen.

Our next milestone is to only rely on this 3rd party app (Zoom) for the video conferencing and not for the chat and scheduling of sharing sessions. The app is also currently lacking a visual design and thus is mostly functional. We recently hired an amazing product designer to our team and he will share where we are headed on the design side shortly :slight_smile:

We hope that hitting this milestone will enable us to share a not-yet-public version of the app with you, should you wish to try it out. In the mean time, here are some screenshots of the app!

The app is currently working on iOS and Android on an internal test flight. Once the app has some basic group creation and the ability to schedule a sharing, we’d love to link to it here so that you can try it out for yourself.

(1) Splash Screen (2) Courses (3) Course Overview (4) Scroll Down

Lesson 1: Inner Critic
(1) Lesson Intro (2) Scroll Down (3) Rachel’s Sharing Video (4) Inner Critic Exercise Intro

(1) Writing Exercise (2) Meditation (3) Inner Friend Exercise Intro (4) Writing Exercise

(1) Rachel’s Sharing Video (2) Sharing Intro (3) Sharing Rules (4) Scroll Down

(1) Intro to Sharing Video (2) Sharing Groups (3) Group Chat
Note: The transition from the exercise, through to joining a scheduled sharing session / group is where the experience is currently a work in progress. In our next update, we hope you’ll not only see progress, but you’ll be able to try it out for yourself :slight_smile:

Not shown here are the rest of the lessons. Stay tuned for an update on where we are going with our visual design from our product designer @thorarinn


I am so freaken ready!!!

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Hey @MeilaniMay, we are ALL so freakin ready to deliver this baby. Looking forward to posting an update where you will be able to try the app out yourself :slight_smile:

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