What does the name "29k" mean?


The name 29k comes from the somewhat surprising fact that we live roughly 29.000 days. The first time I realised this it really made me stop and think about how I’m using my time. And this reflection connects to what 29k is about - what we want to do is enable people to make all their days count.

So then the question becomes; how do we make our days count?

One way would be just focusing on our own happiness. But maybe that’s too easy. Since just focusing on feeling good may mean living in a way that costs other people their happiness. Or maybe it just isn’t sustainable. So should we just be putting all our energy into saving a warming planet instead? For me it kinda boils down to knowing that we aren’t isolated individuals but rather connected to each others future in ways we can’t really oversee. That, for me, turns the search for happiness into the search for meaning. To act in relation to me and everything else. The connections are there even though we can’t see them so making our days count for me really means finding ways of living in deeper contact with ourselves and others. As well as the present moment and the planet.

And if we can do this well throughout our lives and consider not just the short-term-now but the long-term-future then we have quite an amazing chance of creating a great future together. So that’s why 29k is called 29k.