Why did we start this forum?


If you’re wondering why you’re invited to be here and what this forum is about, you’ve come to the right place. :slight_smile:

We believe that growing as a person has the power to change the world and that the best processes and support should be available for everyone. We’re not alone in this belief.

So we created this online community because we believe that you can contribute to these experiences that change people’s lives, from sharing this common belief.

How can you contribute?

1. Join the conversation, try the app and give us feedback
Very soon you’ll be able to test out the latest version of our app. We want to build our product with you, so we need your feedback as we iterate on the product, to ensure we create the very best (free) personal growth experience on the planet!

2. You tell us!
We hope to support deeply meaningful changes in millions of peoples lives, but building an app for personal growth is only 1 piece of the puzzle. To reach this goal we’ll also need to develop the world’s first research-platform for personal growth, change the narrative around the role of personal growth in society, develop new courses with researchers around the world and so on. The possibilities to further the development of personal growth are endless, perhaps there is some way you can contribute?

So why create a community forum?

Because fundamentally we believe that 29k is and should be co-created.

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